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Agriplus, established in 2010, provides high-end agricultural solutions to Chinese farmers, investors who wish to invest in agriculture and foreign companies setting up farms in China. Agriplus is a menmber of the China Irrigation Association.

Agriplus activities includes: planning & design of commercial farms, technical & agronomic support, agronomic consulting, training of farm employees, design & construction of intelligent water-saving irrigation projects, sales of agriculture products such as drip irrigation, computerized control systems, soilless media, greenhouses, water tanks, etc. At Agriplus we put quality and service as top priority to the benefit of our customers.

Agriplus uses high quality products and state of the art technologies imported from Isreal, Holland, Australia, USA and Greece, as well local Chinese products which conform to Agriplus standards, to ensure that clients get quality systems at an affordable price. Agriplus represents in China companies such as Galcon(computerized control systems), Grodan(substrates), Evenproducts(water tank) and Eurodrip(drip irrigation).

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