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China is a difficult market to penetrate and operate because doing business in China is so different from the way business is done in the West. The graveyard of failed foreign enterprises in China is a testimony to that….It takes years to understand China’s business culture but with the help of professionals this process can be dramatically shortened and mistakes can be avoided.

This is why we created Agriplus Agricultural Hub – AAH

The management team of AAH is the team which established Agriplus Ltd. back in 2010.

We know China & the Chinese way of doing business because we are Chinese
We know the Agriculture market because this is what we have done for most of our professional lives
Our extensive knowledge & connections are now available to you!

AAH is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu, a modern city rated in the top 10 model cities in China, with 6M inhabitants and 180 km NW of Shanghai. Changzhou has 2 train stations, an airport and seaport. The fast train to Shanghai takes 1 hour and to Beijing 5 hours. Changzhou is close to Shanghai but housing and other real estate costs are much lower. It has several universities and an educated labor force that costs much less than Shanghai.

Companies active in the following fields are welcome to join the incubator:
Open field & greenhouse Agriculture
Landscape & Green Walls
Animal Husbandry (Cows, Fish, Chicken, Sheep, Goats)
Water Technologies
Green & Sustainable Technologies

Services offered at the Hub:

Office facilities & secretarial support
Accounting & financial services
Translators & translation services
Import / Export and warehouse facilities

Seed and venture money
Business Plan preparation

Sales & Marketing
Strategy and business model formulation
Finding the right sales and distribution channels
Access to Agriplus customers, dealers and extensive e commerce network
Participation in Agriplus booths in leading exhibitions

Human Resources
Recruiting at all levels
Relocation services
Teaching Chinese and English
Training and professional development

Registering a legal entity in China
Applying for Trademarks & Patents in China
VISA applications
Access to China’s leading academic & research institutes

  • Add:Agriplus Ltd.F4, CIP BuildingXitaihu Science Park 123 HeXiang Road WuJin District Changzhou, Jiangsu China
  • Tel:0519 - 89861001
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